Solar is fast becoming an attractive and major part of the solution to the UK’s sustainable energy ambitions.

As solar panels and the development of solar farms become an increasing fixture across the UK and Ireland’s landscape, companies, farmers, and independent landowners alike are keen to benefit from solar investment by turning their land into a source of green energy.

Helping to secure and deliver the growing demand for low-cost, sustainable solar production, Ardent has extensive experience providing land and engagement/communications services for solar farm developments. Our team of renewable energy experts are well-versed in the specific land regulations and requirements of large solar farm projects. We provide our clients with a true-life cycle of service from initial conception through to build, including digital land planning, land referencing, land agency, consultation and valuation, and integrated project management.

Ardent is currently supporting the development of 15+ DCO scale (50MW+) Solar Farms across the UK and Ireland, including developers such as JBM Solar, RWE, Low Carbon, Boom Power, Green Nation, SSE, Tribus, Ecotricity and Peel. Our team is the leading solar land advisory team in the country with an extensive portfolio covering much of the UK and Ireland. Our team is also leading the way in the UK and Ireland in site finding and assembly, acting for 10+ developers in sourcing and securing new sites for development through our advanced GIS capabilities and negotiations team. Visit our Site Find page for more info.

Solar Services & Support

  • Site finding
  • Exclusivity agreements
  • Lease option Agreements
  • Land Referencing
  • Survey access
  • Land Strategy
  • Landowner engagement
  • Access rights
  • Land assembly, negotiations, and agreements
  • DCO and planning application support
  • Plan production
  • Valuation and Compensation
  • Project Management

Other sectors we cover