Wind Energy

Ardent has extensive Development Consent Order (DCO) experience, having provided land services on more DCO projects than any other land advisor in the country (currently standing at 46 DCO applications). We delivered services for offshore wind farm DCOs for RWE Innogy (Triton Knoll) and Vattenfall (Vanguard, Boreas and Thanet).

From 2012 to 2017 we provided land services to RWE and Statkraft in respect of the onshore land requirements for its offshore wind farm Triton Knoll. This resulted in the successful award of the DCO for the Triton Knoll Electrical System in September 2016. Consent came after 5 years of work to take the project from a considerable number of route options, through application and examination (achieving 95% of landowners signing agreements), to the awarded consent. 

More recently we are supporting Vattenfall to deliver three offshore Wind Farm DCOs. Two in Norfolk (Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas) and one in Kent (Thanet Extension). The Norfolk Vanguard DCO is due to receive its decision in December 2019, Norfolk Boreas in December 2020 and the Thanet in November 2019.

For the Norfolk Vanguard and Boreas projects, Ardent is providing land strategy and advice along with guidance and management through the DCO process. For the first year of the project, Ardent took on the role of land manager for Vattenfall and oversaw all land related activities. Ardent managed and advised a team of local land agents who acted as the main point of contact for the landowners while also ensuring full compliance with the DCO process and requirements. Upon instruction of an internal Land Manager, the role was shared to ensure delivery on the complex scheme was achieved on programme and budget.

Ardent was also instructed to conduct the land referencing process, deal with the formal landowner consultation and produce the BoR, Land Plans, Crown Land Plans, Special Category Land Plans, and Cost Estimate for the DCO application. Ardent also made significant contributions to the production of the Statement of Reasons (SoR) and Consultation report. Ardent also produced the Property Cost Estimate (PCE) and inputted land estimates into the funding statement.

Ardent then moved on to providing the property expert at both the Vanguard and Thanet DCO examinations and is also currently providing the same on Norfolk Boreas.

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